JCADA's mission is to support victims of domestic abuse to become empowered and obtain safe environments; educate community professionals and others about domestic abuse and appropriate responses to it; and prevent future generations from suffering domestic abuse by raising awareness.


If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic or dating abuse, please contact JCADA for support. Confidential client line: 301-315-8041.

Toll Free:
Confidential Client Lines: 
MD: 301-315-8041

DC: 202-904-2040

VA: 703-349-2540

Email: jcada@jcada.org 





Confidentiality is JCADA’s highest priority. We have taken several precautionary measures to ensure client confidentiality.

  • Caller ID is not traceable.

  • We do not publicize our office location, and no sign identifies the office.

  • We have a private meeting room with a discrete entrance for clients only. Staff and volunteers enter the office through a separate doorway.      

  • Board members and staff are not privy to client information or identification.

  • All phone calls are confidential, and no identifying information is needed.

JCADA works to prevent future generations from suffering domestic abuse through its youth education initiative AWARE (Adolecents Working for Awesome Realationship Expereinces). AWAREnow.org is a website for teens and young adults focused on the promotion of healthy relationships. This program is made possible thanks to a generous grant from Tikkun Olam Women's Foundation.




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JCADA is committed to providing high quality services to all residents
of the Greater Washington DC Jewish community, as well as the community at large,
without regard to ability, background, faith, gender or sexual orientation.

JCADA PO Box 2266 · Rockville, MD 20847 · JCADA@JCADA.ORG
1-877-88-JCADA · 301-315-8040 · 301-315-8043 (fax) · Helpline: 301-529-0073