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Help A Friend

Step 1: Understand what abuse is

Domestic Abuse is a pattern of controlling behavior that often leaves victims feeling isolated and alone. 

Step 2: See if there are warning signs that your friend may be in an abusive relationship:

Does your friend . . .

  • Apologize and make excuses for a partner's behavior?
  • Cancel or change plans often?
  • Call and/or text to an extreme?
  • Act fearful of upsetting of angering a partner?
  • Have dramatic changes in weight, appearance, or grades?
  • Have unexplained injuries?
  • Give up hobbies or time with friends and family?
  • Seem to lose confidence in themselves?
  • Have difficulty making decisions?

Step 3: How to help a friend in an abusive relationship

  • Listen with patience and compassion, not judgment
  • Let them know that you are concerned for their safety
  • Encourage them to make their own decisions and support them through this difficult process. 
  • Let your friend know the abuse is not their fault
  • Do not underestimate the victim's fear of potential danger; the most dangerous time for a victim is usually after making the decision to leave the abuser
  • Listen and believe what he/she tells you. 
  • Acknowledge your friend's feelings. Don't tell him/her how he or she should feel. 
  • Let them know if you are concerned for their safety. 
  • Do not judge or make victim-blaming statements like "You're stupid to stay with him" or "Why do you let her treat you like this?"
  • Do not pressure your friend to break up with his/her partner and don't put their partner down. This may drive your friend away from you when she/he needs you most. 
  • Offer to help him/her find a counselor, teacher, or parent he/she can trustOffer to go with him/her to speak with them.
  • Call JCADA's helpline for additional suggestions at 1-877-88-JCADA(52232)

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Become a partner

Join us and become a JCADA partner or Synagogue liaison

JCADA includes:

  • Domestic violence organizations 
  • Jewish women’s organizations 
  • Synagogues
  • Many others 

If you work with an organization that JCADA can partner with, let us know! 

JCADA is also working to identify one or two members of each area synagogue to be JCADA’s official Synagogue Liaisons.

To contact us to become a member of the JCADA community outreach program click here

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Volunteering and Internships

Join the JCADA Volunteer Corps

 Volunteers may be called upon to help with large mailings, staff information booths at community events, or assist with large events. Individuals in various fields may also be called upon to lend their professional services from time to time.  Please contact us if you would like to volunteer your time to help JCADA fulfill its mission.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Projects

 Youngsters preparing to become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah may wish to work with JCADA on a mitzvah project.  Please contact us at 301-315-8040 for more information. 

Apply for an Internship

JCADA is currently seeking college and high school interns to work in the Rockville office.  These are unpaid positions, but class credit is available.  Intern schedules are flexible, preferably 10-15 hours per week for the semester.  Contact the JCADA office for more details.

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Donation Drives

Recycle Your Old Cell Phones 

Do you have an old cell phone lying around? Donate it! JCADA will redeem your cell phone for cash, which will be used to benefit victims of domestic violence by providing them with safe emergency prepaid cell phones. For every cell phone donated, regardless of age or condition, we will receive between $0.50 and $30 to continue our mission. It can be old and even broken (cracked screen, water damage, you name it). No charger or accessories are needed. In addition, you'll be "going green" since your phone will not wind up in a landfill. 

We are now accepting old and broken iPods and iPads!

Drop it in one of the purple boxes at our community sites: Kehilat Shalom, Tikvat Israel Congregation, Gesher Jewish Day School, Hebrew Home of Greater Washington, JCC of Greater Washington, JCC of Northern Virginia and Jewish Foundations for Group Homes . 

You can also send your used cell phones to P.O. Box 2266 Rockville, MD 20852 or contact us to arrange a convenient time to drop them off. 

Interested in starting a new collection site? Contact the JCADA office and we would be happy to provide you the materials. 

Donate Your Unused Gift Cards

All gifts support Victims of domestic abuse who are trying to rebuild their lives. 

Please send your unused gift cards to P.O. Box 2266 Rockville, MD 20852 or contact us to arrange a convenient time to drop them off.

Donate Auction Items 

Auction items of all types are needed for our events and special online auctions.  Donations may include sports tickets or memorabilia, travel and leisure items, artwork, gift certificates, a spa day, theater tickets, etc.

Please contact us for more information.

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Spread the word

Distribute Bathroom Posters in Your Community 
To increase awareness of domestic abuse in our community and the services we provide, we have created bathroom posters for both men and women bathrooms. To order these free bathroom signs for your organization today, please email with the subject line Bathroom Signs and the quantity needed.

Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Join Our Mailing List

Sign up for our Email Alerts to learn about upcoming events and programs.  The email listserv helps JCADA cut down on its operating costs. 

Participate in Domestic Violence Awareness Month 

October is DVAM, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Join us in bringing awareness and education to the issue of domestic abuse our Jewish community. Read the History of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Tell Us Your Story
Have you or a loved one been in an abusive relationship?  Did you seek help?  Was there an organization – such as JCADA – that was helpful to you?  Do you have children?  If so, how were they affected by the abuse?  We ask for this information because the essence of your story may inspire others to seek help.  However, please be assured that all personal or descriptive information will be kept confidential. Click here to tell us your story.

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