One of our goals is to shed light on the nature of domestic abuse, and increase access to information and support. Clergy, lay leaders and community members play a vital role in breaking the cycle of abuse in the community. Through training and consultations, our staff empowers community leaders and members with the tools to enable them to speak about this issue and respond appropriately when a victim reaches out.

We engage the community through:
  • Clergy trainings 
  • Community forums 
  • Lunch & Learns 
  • Educational panels on domestic violence

For more information, to schedule a training or request a consultation, email

Click here to visit the clergy resource center for sample  divrei torah (sermons) and information about abuse within the Jewish community.

Every time someone speaks from the bimah or another public setting about abuse, a victim or loved one comes forward to seek help.

- Elissa Malter Schwartz, JCADA Executive Director