Warning Signs

Do you know someone who...

  • apologizes and makes excuses for his/her partner's behavior?
  • calls and/or texts with his/her partner excessively?
  • reacts in an extreme way when asked to put his/her phone away or turn it off?
  • cancels or change plans often?
  • avoids friends?
  • fears upsetting or angering his/her partner?
  • constantly thinks and talks about his/her partner? suddenly or drastically changes the way he/she dresses?
  • has dramatic changes in weight, appearance or grades?
  • is dropping out of school activities?
  • has unexplained injuries? (i.e. Bruises, scratches, or other injuries)
  • gives up hobbies or time with friends or family?
  • seems to have lost his/her confidence?
  • has difficulty making decisions?
  • has sudden changes in mood or personality? (i.e. becoming anxious or depressed, acting out, being secretive)
  • has changes in eating or sleeping habits ?
  • avoids eye contact?
  • uses alcohol or drugs?

Someone experiencing abuse may feel...

  • anxious about what will happen next.
  • uneasy about how to handle the situation.
  • guilty like he/she has done something to cause this.
  • defensive of the abusive partner & wanting to protect him/her from blame .
  • fearful of being seriously hurt.
  • depressed, helpless, hopeless or even suicidal.dependent on drugs or alcohol in order to escape anxiety or pain.
  • lonely as the abusive partner has isolated the victim from friends and/or family and stopped her/him from having a normal social life.