Support: Legal Program

JCADA’s Legal Program is two-pronged to encompass (1) Legal Services and (2) Legal Access.

Legal Services

JCADA is able to provide victims of domestic abuse with direct legal representation in:

  • Protective Orders
  • Peace Orders 
  • Crime Victims’ Rights Representation

Protective and peace orders are civil restraining orders. Depending on your relationship with the abuser, you may also be entitled to other relief such as Emergency Family Maintenance, temporary custody of children, possession of a home or other relief.

Crime victims’ rights are protected by Article 47 of the Maryland Constitution, and accompanying legislation, which guarantees victims a range of rights, including the right to be treated “with dignity, respect, and sensitivity,” the right to have your interests as a victim considered in your criminal case, the right to seek restitution, and the right to deliver a victim impact statement. JCADA may assist you in asserting these rights.

Legal Access: Information and Referrals*

JCADA recognizes that domestic abuse can affect many areas of a victim’s life, including family law, disability benefits, bankruptcy, tax status, immigration, and more.  In these cases, JCADA works to empower victims by:

  • Providing legal information, education, and resources;
  • Referring you to Legal Services or an attorney who may be able to offer free consultations, pro bono or low bono assistance, depending on your case and income;
  • Hosting legal seminars/Know Your Rights presentations for victims and the community on a variety of topics relating to domestic abuse.   
Attorney Network: Legal Access is supported by a growing Attorney Network comprised of individuals and organizations who are familiar with domestic abuse. These attorneys are available to provide free consultations, pro bono or low bono representation.  If you are interested in joining the Attorney Network or bringing training to your firm regarding assisting victims of domestic abuse or providing trauma-informed legal services, contact Spencer Cantrell, Legal Program Director, at

* NOTE: JCADA is not able to provide representation except as described in the Legal Services section. JCADA is not able to guarantee representation, but we will try to refer you to an appropriate attorney. 

For additional legal resources, visit our Resources page, our check out our Legal Program blog posts