It’s Not Love®

There’s a lot of discussion about what high school teaches you…and what we wish it would’ve taught us. Things like taxes, how to budget, and how to fix a flat tire are among the most talked about. But what about what it means to be in a healthy relationship?

It’s Not Love® is a program designed for high school students that teaches them the dynamics of healthy dating, as well as the skills they need to help a friend who may be in an abusive relationship. The program is interactive so it’s impossible for anyone to just sit on the sideline! Even the ‘coolest’ kids at school get into this program because it’s just hard not to be invested in your character’s story. One participant at a camp JCADA goes to every summer even said that:

It’s Not Love® is my favorite day at camp! I look forward to it each year!”

To learn more about It’s Not Love® and the rest of JCADA’s prevention initiative offerings, visit the Training & Education section of our website!

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