Condolences to the Family and Friends of Jaelynn Willey

JCADA would like to take a moment to send its​ deepest condolences to the friends and family of Jaelynn Willey, who was taken off of life support last night. Her death comes after the tragic shooting at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County, Maryland​. 

Jaelynn and the shooter were reported to have recently been in some type of​relationship. Unfortunately, this is a reality that JCADA knows all too well – that abusive relationships can and sometimes do turn deadly.  Although previous violence is a predictor of future violence, it is not a requirement for the relationship to turn deadly. In 1 in 3 intimate partner homicides, the homicide itself is the first act of physical violence in the relationship. 

The most dangerous time for a victim is when they chose to leave an abusive relationship.

If you or someone you know is experiencing power-based violence, be it domestic violence, teen dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking please call JCADA’s free and confidential helpline at 1-877-88-JCADA(52232). JCADA is committed to providing high-quality services to all residents of the Greater Washington DC community, ​14 years of age and older, without regard to race, national origin, background, ability, faith, gender or sexual orientation. We are here to help survivors as well as their family and friends​. 

Below are some other resources available to you: 

Everyone deserves to live a safe healthy life. JCADA is deeply sorry for the loss the Willey Family and the St. Mary’s County community​ is feeling today. Let’s all work together so no other family and no community​ has to experience this pain.

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