JCADA’s mission is to SUPPORT victims of power-based violence to become empowered and live safely; EDUCATE the community about power-based violence and appropriate responses; and PREVENT future generations from suffering power-based violence.

Our Vision

JCADA envisions a world free from power-based violence.

SUPPORT:  JCADA envisions a Greater Washington, DC community where any member of the population who has suffered due to power-based violence knows they can turn to JCADA to receive high quality, culturally humble, and trauma-informed, and trauma-specific services.

EDUCATE:  JCADA envisions a Greater Washington, DC community where all workplaces, homes, and places of worship are free from power-based violence.  Until power-based violence is eradicated, we envision all workplaces and places of worship implementing carefully crafted policies that protect victims who come forward and provide clear repercussions for offenders.

PREVENT:  JCADA envisions a Greater Washington, DC community where all youth and young adults can learn what healthy relationships look like, understand appropriate responses to power-based violence, and embrace tools to live empowered and confident lives.

Our History

In 1999, the Washington Jewish Week (WJW) wrote about the prevalence of domestic abuse in the Greater Washington Jewish community and the lack of resources to help victims. In response, community members convened to address this gap. They reviewed models from around the country and established JCADA the following year to provide holistic services for victims of domestic and dating abuse in the Greater Washington area. The goal was to deliver comprehensive services to victims while empowering future generations to develop healthy relationships.

Today, JCADA is committed to providing high-quality services to all residents of the Greater Washington DC community, without regard to race, national origin, ability, background, faith, gender, or sexual orientation. We have expanded our services to encompass victims and survivors of all power-based violence, a form of violence that has a primary motivator: assertion of power, control and/or intimidation in order to harm another. Learn more here.

Our Core Values

Cultural Humility | ענווה תרבותית | Humildad cultural | 文化谦逊

JCADA approaches our clients with openness, humility, and respect, while continually learning and gaining wisdom from other cultures and one another.

Empowerment | העצמה | Empoderamiento | 赋权增能

JCADA strives to help our clients build independent, safe, and secure environments, as well as facilitate positive community action to create a healthier future.

Excellence | מצינות | Excelencia | 卓越服务

JCADA employs evidence-based strategies and innovative programming, recognizing the importance of ongoing education and improvement.

Holistic Approach | גישה הוליסטית | Enfoque holístico | 综合方法

JCADA strives to create a healing experience for clients through restoration of mind, body, and spirit, while honoring the synergy between community, clients, and our organization.

Integrity | יושרה | Integridad | 正直诚信

JCADA’s work is rooted in best practices, respect for our team and clients, and open and honest community relationships.

Tikkun Olam | Repair the World | תיקון עולם | Reparar el mundo | 改善世界

JCADA is committed to challenging individual and systemic injustices and the Jewish value of repairing the world through our work towards a future free of power-based violence, where our services are no longer needed.

JCADA is committed to creating a world free from oppression, including power-based violence, and upending power structures that perpetuate the continuation of oppression.