JCADA could not provide its life-saving support services or empower so many victims and survivors of power-based violence without help from our community of partners.

We want to thank our many partners in the Greater Washington DC Area that have shown a commitment to our mission. Your support and contributions enable us to continue to advocate on behalf of victims and survivors of power-based violence.

The organizations, agencies, and institutions below have completed one or more of the following within the last fiscal year in order to qualify as a 2020 JCADA Community Partner. These include:

  1. Hosted an AWARE® workshop.
  2. Participated in our Building Better Allies (BBA) training.
  3. Tabled at the 2019 JCADA 5K & Wellness Day.
  4. Referred someone to JCADA’s 100% free support services.
  5. Assisted one of JCADA’s clients.

If you are interested in ways you can support JCADA’s efforts, please e-mail jcada@jcada.org or check out our Assist Us page to find out ways to support us.

2020 JCADA Community Partners

Community Partners

Faith-Based Partners

Government Partners

Educational Institutions

Legal Partners