It’s Not Love®

There’s a lot of discussion about what high school teaches you…and what we wish it would’ve taught us. Things like taxes, how to budget, and how to fix a flat tire are among the most talked about. But what about what it means to be in a healthy relationship? It’s Not Love® is a program … Continue reading It’s Not Love®


Middle school was a tough time for most of us. The explosion of the social media and the increase in our ‘connectedness’ to each other every moment of every day has only made this already confusing time tougher. Even with more focus on health & wellness in the curriculum, books and lessons on healthy relationships … Continue reading #healthyfriendships

Building Better Allies (BBA)

Who doesn’t want to become a better ally? In the era of #MeToo, learning how to address issues of power-based violence in the workplace, in congregations, in our community organizations, and in our homes is more important than ever. Last year alone, the EEOC received over 13,000 complaints. But how does one create the open … Continue reading Building Better Allies (BBA)