JCADA’s Legal Access Program is supported by a growing Attorney Network comprised of individuals and organizations who are familiar with the dynamics of power-based violence.

If you are a licensed attorney who wants to have a positive impact of a victim of power-based violence, JCADA may/can give you the chance to help someone in need. Attorneys who join the Attorney Network are committed to providing free consultations, pro-bono or low-bono representation to a JCADA client. They may also offer expertise on an area of the law that may be of concern to a JCADA client. JCADA provides a training to any individuals who would like to donate their time and services, but feels they should first learn more about the issue of power-based violence and how it intersects with a victim’s potential legal situation.

If you are interested in joining the Attorney Network please, contact Spencer Cantrell, Legal Program Director, at spencer@jcada.org.