The JCADA 5K & Wellness Day is JCADA’s largest annual fundraiser, which has the dual goal of raising awareness about the realities of power-based violence in our community. At the event, JCADA aims to educate the community about they can support those who may be suffering, and also how they can build healthy relationships with their partners, friends, co-workers, and families.

The event starts with a 5K, which participants can either run or walk, that is professionally timed on a USTAF certified course. After the race, participants have the option to stay and attend JCADA’s Wellness fair, a 100% free event that showcases JCADA’s many community partners who are working to make the greater Washington DC area a healthier and safer place! Participants can also get a sneak peak of AWARE®’s core workshop, It’s Not Love®, and get information on how to book a workshop!

The 2020 JCADA 5K & Wellness Day will be May 3, 2020 at Ohr Kodesh Congregation!

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Photos from the 2019 JCADA 5K & Wellness Day