Support Services

All of JCADA’s support services are 100% free of charge. We do not charge insurance. There is no income minimum. There is no catch – just 100% free, confidential, culturally and faith-sensitive services.


JCADA’s clinical services are free and not time-limited. Individuals can access JCADA’s clinical services at any point in their journey of healing, and see their JCADA clinician for as long as it takes from them to become empowered and live safely. All JCADA clinicians are licensed and have expertise in trauma and the complexities of power-based violence. Services include:

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JCADA’s legal services* fall into two categories: direct representation and Legal Access. They are 100% free of charge and can be accessed in addition to – or separately from – JCADA’s clinical services.

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JCADA operates a free and confidential helpline during business hours, where callers can receive information, support, and safety planning. Callers can be either victims or survivors of power-based violence seeking support for themselves, witnesses to power-based violence, or individuals concerned about someone in their lives who may be experiencing power-based violence.

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