Prevention Programs for Young People and College Students

We provide the following educational experiences for young people and the college student population.

AWARE® is operating in schools, after school programs, youth programs and camps across the Washington Metropolitan Area. We welcome the opportunity to connect and share more about AWARE’s culturally adaptable programming. Contact Jordan today!

Core Workshop: It’s Not Love®

It’s Not Love – Middle School (Grades 6th-8th)

This interactive workshop helps students learn the warning signs of abuse, provides a space for students to collaborate with their peers on how to be an active bystander, and allows students to reflect on who in their lives could be a trusted adult.

It’s Not Love (Grades 9th-12th)

Based on CDC best practices, this interactive, hands-on program promotes healthy teen relationships and opens the door for teens to start examining their friendships and relationships. Trained facilitators spark important conversations and help to build interpersonal skills that continue beyond the workshop.

It’s Not Love II (Grades 11th-12th)

This interactive workshop reviews case studies that dive deeper into the dynamics of power-based violence; examines common myths that reinforce abuse and harassment; identifies how power-based violence impacts different communities; and examines bystander intervention strategies for the larger community.

AWARE® Campus

AWARE Campus is an interactive workshop that explores power-based personal violence including dating abuse, sexual harassment and workplace harassment. Participants will learn about these forms of violence and analyze scenarios that may occur on a college campus, at an internship, and in the workplace. Undergraduate and graduate students will learn how to help a friend, access resources and develop skills to intervene and create a healthy campus environment.