Facilitated by Experts, Driven by Teens

Teaching teens about healthy relationships is tough. Teens in middle school and high school are learning as they go, and often from each other, what “normal” relationships look like. AWARE® workshops engage students in role-play scenarios, paired with discussions facilitated by trained experts, that explore friendship and relationship dynamics in a fun and interactive way. AWARE® is a nonprofit program. While we do charge for our workshop, JCADA routinely works with schools and youth organizations to ensure cost is never a barrier to bringing our programming to your students.


There are four main aspects of AWARE®’s programming that make it unique.

1. AWARE® workshops are participant lead. Trained facilitators help steward the conversation, but students never get bored since the workshops are driven by them and their decisions.

2. AWARE® workshops offer teens a new experience each time they participate. Since each story has multiple endings, students can participate multiple times, while still having a new and meaningful experience.

3. AWARE® workshops allow students to create their own story, which gets them invested in the conversation. At the same time, students are also exposed to different types of relationships, such as LGBTQ+ relationships, that they may not have experienced yet.

4. Because students assume the identity of a character found in the AWARE® workshop, they are able to talk more easily and openly about this difficult topic.