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If you or someone you know is affected by power-based violence, please call JCADA's free and confidential helpline at 1-877-88-JCADA(52232)
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Today, 10:10 AM ET
*Trigger Warning*

"In the media, we often fixate on the act of sexual violence itself and some sort of conclusion — a success story or tragic end for the victim. But in between those moments live survivorship and trauma. In between are years of addiction and recovery, eating disorders, therapy, self-love, self-hate, court dates, yoga, and the question 'How will I teach my child to navigate this world?'"

A powerful quote from an even more powerful article.

One of the unique aspects of JCADA's services is that you do not need to have an act of violence happen to you in order to seek services. We have victims and survivors who come to us at the point of crisis, but we also have many who come to us months and even years afterwards, when they're ready to fully deal with what happened to them.

We need to have comprehensive services for all kinds of victims and survivors. That's why JCADA's services are not only 100% free, but also not time sensitive. You can come in whenever and continue coming back for our assistance until you feel empowered to live safely.

If you or someone you know is affected by power-based violence, please do not hesitate to call our free and confidential helpline at 1-877-88-JCADA(52232).
July 13, 12:49 PM ET
Know a senior living alone? Maryland residents age 65+ can now receive a free, daily check-in call. Find more information and sign up here: or call 1-800-243-3425​. Thanks to the Maryland Department of Aging for this innovative program!
July 12, 9:33 PM ET
JCADA’s #LawyersToo Campaign Launch was a huge success! Here are campaign cochair Lisa Seltzer Becker and Spencer Cantrell sharing how people can help break the cycle of power based violence.
July 12, 1:22 PM ET
Tonight is the launch of JCADA's #LawyersToo. Join as at Cesco Osteria starting at 5:30 to be a part of the movement!
July 11, 12:13 PM ET
Today is the LAST day to get free shipping when you buy honey through JCADA's Rosh Hashanah Honey Fundraiser! Visit to order; such a sweet way to help break the cycle of power-based violence.
July 5, 12:11 PM ET
JCADA is proud to have been selected as one of Tikkun Olam Women's Foundation of Greater Washington's grantees this year! We are honored to be among 15 other organizations who are dedicated to changing our community for the better. The generosity of TOWF will help ensure our AWARE program is able to keep educating teens, as well as the influential adults in their lives, about teen dating violence and how they can help themselves or a friend in need.

To learn more about JCADA's AWARE program, visit their website at! To contribute yourself to this incredible program, please visit
July 2, 10:13 AM ET
Buy Honey and support JCADA! :)
July 2, 10:07 AM ET
It is that time of year again: JCADA's Rosh Hashanah Honey Fundraiser! Order by July 11th to get free shipping on your honey. Visit to your honey order today!
June 29, 9:52 AM ET
Congratulations to Shana Brouder, JCADA's Communications & Events Coordinator, on receiving Alpha Chi Omega's Real. Strong. Women. of Distinction Award! Each year this award is given to select AXO sisters "doing great things across the globe and down the street. They’re difference makers, risk takers and dream chasers. They’re out to make a positive impact on their own lives and on lives around them." We cannot imagine a woman more deserving that Shana and are so lucky to have her as a part of the JCADA Team!
June 28, 3:44 PM ET
Technological abuse can be a huge aspect of an abusive relationship and can continue to affect individuals even after they end their abusive relationship. This news special shows how the digital world can be used by abusers through hijacking and hiding cameras in smoke detectors, thermostats, cell phones, and lights.

These methods of abuse can be tormenting and individuals in the video expressed how difficult it was to know which phones and other items to use, since their abuser could have access to all of the technology in their house. In this video, some simple ways to protect yourself are offered such as resetting your devices, changing your passwords, and changing the security questions to your accounts.

We at JCADA help victims and survivors of this kind of abuse every day. If you'd like to help JCADA be able to support these individuals, consider donating online at
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