Purim: A Tale of Lots & Law

March 18th, 2016

By Tamar Epstein, Esq., JCADA Legal Access Committee Member

Purim - Lots. The very name of the holiday embodies randomness and unpredictability. When Haman approached Achashverosh to establish a law that the Jews should be destroyed on the 13th of Adar, the average Jewish citizen of Persia had no recourse, no access to the Persian legal system to reverse the decree. Even Mordechai, who had saved the King's life, had no access. It took great courage for Esther to approach the king without invitation to save her people from destruction.

It takes no less courage for victims of domestic abuse to take the proper legal steps to save themselves or their families to improve their lot. We are fortunate to live in an age where we do have access to an established legal system, where the randomness and unpredictability of Achashverosh's Persia no longer reign. Yet, without the proper guidance and support, many victims feel lost as their lives and the welfare of their families hang in the balance.

JCADA's Legal Access program provides that very guidance and support. This Purim, please consider donating in honor of your friends and family. You too have the power to make this month, this year the one that is transformed for victims of domestic abuse from "one of sorrow to gladness" (Esther 9:22), and from vulnerability to security.

אשר נהפך להם מיגון לשמחה, ומאבל ליום טוב

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