Using Purim to Engage Community in a Healthy Relationship Conversation

March 2nd, 2017

How can we approach the lessons of the Purim story this year?

Every Jewish holiday gives us an opportunity to reflect on the midot learned and has a lesson to teach us in the here and now. JCADA proposes that we use the Purim story to explore different relationship dynamics and celebrate Queen Esther’s show of strength when placed in a situation where she might have considered herself powerless.

From Pirkei Avot, Ethics of our Fathers, Chapter 1:17 we learn,

The essential thing is not study, but action.

Here are a few ideas that we hope will inspire you to take the next step to engage your community members in conversations and exploration of healthy relationships this Purim: 

  • Encourage your community’s educators to use the following materials to help students develop a thoughtful understanding of what constitutes a healthy relationship.
  • Donate the cost of any meals you forgo on Ta’anit Esther (The Fast of Esther, a day before Purim) to JCADA .
  • Collect old cell phones to donate to JCADA. Proceeds from recycled phones provide JCADA clients with safe emergency prepaid cell phones.
  • Encourage your synagogue’s youth group or Hebrew school to bring in an AWARE® dating abuse prevention workshop.
  • Speak with your rabbi/cantor/mikvah attendant about hosting a JCADA training.
  • Organize your Sisterhood or other women’s groups to host a JCADA training.
  • Encourage your clergy to speak from the bimah about domestic abuse using JCADA’s Clergy Resource Center's Parasha Pieces for inspiration.
  • Make sure your synagogue displays JCADA bathroom signs in its restrooms so victims of abuse can get the help they need.
For more information on engaging your community to support victims of domestic abuse, contact Stacy Lang at

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